3D Laparoscopy: A Novel Technology

    3D Laparoscopy: A Novel Technology

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    Advanced Features of 3D Laparoscopy

    3D laparoscopy is a leading technique for conducting multiple complex surgical procedures such as fibroid removal, uterus removal, stone removal from the gallbladder, hernia repair, etc. by minimal incisions. These are common medical problems encountered, especially in old age people, and open surgeries pose considerable risk. 3D laparoscopy has advanced features like:
    Depth perception: Improves the assessment of problems for surgeons and reduces the time taken for doing surgery.
    Quick recovery: Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure; only 5-10 mm size incisions are made on the abdomen, so recovery is fast.
    Less chance of infection: The whole procedure is performed through small incisions, the internal organs of the body remain safe, so chances of infection become very minimal.

    Highly advanced types of equipment do painless surgery in less time, and without any complications, so the patients get rid of their complaints and return to their normal life without bed rest or infection chances.

    Advance 3D laparoscopic Surgery

    Advance 3D laparoscopic (uterus surgery like remove fibroid ie myomectomy or total laparoscopic hysterectomy )surgery is the advance technology of treating various complicated cases like hernia, appendix, gall bladder stone removal etc.through very minimal invasive procedures through 5-10 mm. small incisions, with minimum blood loss, nil chances of infection and the post of recovery is also very fast, quick recovery, and no need of complete bed rest, through advanced 3D scopes the depth perception is very clear and surgery becomes more simple and easily operated procedure.

    Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

    Advance 3D surgical procedure for removal of the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries which don’t have any major role after menopause but unnecessary caused many troubles in females like heavy bleeding, weakness, discomfort in the overall body, due to cyst formation, stone in the uterus, etc is called a laparoscopic hysterectomy. Due to advance 3D laparoscopic surgical procedure a large-sized uterus removed through minute 5-10 mm.incisions with less blood loss and recovery of the patient is also very fast.

    With the advance, laparoscopic instruments large-sized uterus removed in small pieces and there is no blood loss and least chance of infection too. The patient should start walking on the very next day of the surgery because there is no need to complete bed rest and recovery is also very fast. Due to depth perception, accurate and less time-consuming procedures take place. Post of recovery is also very fast and patient discharge soon from the hospital.
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