Nephrectomy is the surgical removal of a Kidney . and Laparoscopic removal of Kidney is call Laparoscopic Nephrectomy .


The surgery is performed with the patient under  general Anesthesia . A kidney can be removed through an open incision or Laproscopically . For the open procedure, the surgeon makes an incision in the side of the abdomen to reach the kidney. Depending on circumstances, the incision can also be made  midline . The uterus  and blood vessels are disconnected, and the kidney is then removed. The laparoscopic approach utilizes three or four small (5–10 mm) cuts in the abdominal and flank area. The kidney is completely detached inside the body and then placed in a bag. One of the incisions is then expanded to remove the kidney for cancer operations. If the kidney is being removed for other causes, it can be morcellated and removed through the small incisions. Recently, this procedure is performed through a single incision in the patient’s belly-button.